Lets Go Social!

Social media marketing is essential for all companies today, whether you have a brick and mortar location or online the digital sphere. When trying to promote and market your company to ensure you can reach out to your target market, you need to be present where they are.

As most people use one or more social media platforms daily, that means you need to be present on the right social media platforms and have a social media marketing strategy in place. At Adwise, we have the skills, experience, and technical know-how to provide you with a successful social media marketing strategy.

Our social media marketing experts can help you to:
  • Develop a social media marketing strategy to help you reach your business goals

  • Create customer profiles and personas for your target audience to enhance the social media marketing strategy we implement for you

  • Design visuals and content to use in posts on the different social media platforms you are focusing on

  • Plan using a content calendar so you are always providing your target audience, followers, and subscribers with interesting content in the form of posts, tweets, videos, and images, depending on the platform.

  • Provide social monitoring services to assess how your brand is perceived on the relevant platforms

  • Where appropriate, implement brand collaboration and influencer marketing strategies to help increase your reach


Social Media Ad Campaigns

Social media platforms have made it incredibly easy to run advertising campaigns. Just because it is easy to do, it is not always easy to do effectively. That is where we can help at Adwise, by running your social media campaigns for you.

We can help by:

  • Running paid-for campaigns on both Instagram and Facebook.

  • Curating creatives and engaging copy for your ads.

  • Constantly optimizing the performance of your ads, acquiring better results at a lower cost.

  • Offer a comprehensive report monthly outlining what has and what has not been successful.

  • Running A/B tests to establish the campaign types, target audiences and types of ads get the best results.

  • Create shopping ads using the product feed.

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