A Brand, is as story that is always being told!

At Adwise, we are highly skilled and experienced in helping businesses to develop strong and effective branding. For many people, branding is all about the logo and design for a business, when there is a lot more to it.

Before we even approach the design process, we will work with you on a brand strategy. Without it, you have no foundation to work from.

The brand strategy consists of the following:
  • Brand Values – What your brand stands for – how you would like your customers and clients to see and remember your brand.
  • Brand Mission – What your brand intends to do – what are you bringing to your particular industry or niche that is different?
  • Brand Story – The how, when, where, and most crucially, why your brand was established in the first place
  • Brand Positioning – Where does your brand fit in with existing companies in your niche and industry?
  • Brand Messaging – How do you intend to communicate with your customers? Are you a friendly and approachable brand, or maybe you are more formal, but professional and get the results?

Once we have established the finer details of your brand strategy, then we can move on to developing and designing your Brand Identity.

This is the visual and customer/client-facing part of your company
  • Brand Name – unless you already have a name your business is known by, we can help you to create one that is memorable, engaging and tells your target audience everything they need to know about what you are what you do.


  • Logo and Logo Usage – We will then develop and design, with your collaboration, a logo that makes you stand out and that helps complement your brand strategy and brand name. We will also help to determine the logo usage so that it is established when a horizontal or vertical logo will be used or alternative logos (if necessary), depending on the format, media, and circumstances.


  • Colours and Typography – Everyone recognises a brand like Coca-Cola, not just for its name and stylish logo, but for its strong colours and typography. We will help to distinguish your brand from other similar companies and competitors with strong use of colours and typography.


  • Brand Guidelines – With this stage we will just wrap everything up with the brand design, making sure there are guidelines in place about how your brand should look and feel.

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